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Digital X Rays & CEREC Crowns in Katy, Texas

Detect dental problems early at our dental office in Katy, Texas, that provides advanced technologies, such as dental X rays and CEREC crowns. We use a variety of new technologies to identify dental issues that you may have.
Intraoral camera — CEREC in Katy, TX


CEREC is a computerized system that takes a 3D picture of your tooth and then mills the crown out of a block of pressed porcelain. What used to take weeks can be made in as little as one visit.
Digital X-rays — Digital x-rays in Katy, TX

Digital X Rays

Watch your teeth on the big screen! In just seconds, your digital X ray is displayed in front of you. These advanced X rays use much less radiation (80% less) than conventional ones. This is yet another new technology that we have been using since 1995.


At Michael L. Yarbrough D.D.S. Inc, we quickly detect tooth decay with a diagnodent laser. Finding decay early makes the filling smaller and helps prevent weakening of the tooth.
The Wand — General dentistry in Katy, TX

The Wand™

The Wand is a pen-like anesthetic delivery system. It is computer controlled so you don't get the rush of the anesthetic like traditional needle shots. Most people swear they don't feel a thing.


At times, we need to use lasers to shape the gums and create a prettier smile. We use these lasers for gum therapy, frenectomies, and other dental procedures. The healing is so much easier and faster than the old way of cutting the gums and placing stitches.

Oral Cancer Detection (Velscope)

The Velscope is one of the newest devices that helps us detect oral cancer. Oral cancer can be deadly if not caught early. Oral cancer can be found in young and old alike.


When you hear about ozone, you may think of smog. However, ozone is not bad but good. We use it to destroy bacteria or viruses in your mouth. It hardens tooth decay too. In fact, ozone will be in standard use as more dentists learn about its advantages.
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